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About Us

Who are you and why the funny name?”   I’m glad you asked. [smile]

We are, quite simply, one of the best web design/development companies in the Midwest!   Established in 1995, we have been providing custom web solutions to the greater Quad City area and beyond for over 15 years.   We’re proud to mention that three of our founding clients (Guzzardos Hallmark, Kewanee Chamber of Commerce & Arrow Real Estate) are still with us to this day!

We are a “Mom & Pop” organization that offers down-to-earth values at prices that won’t hurt your bottom line!   We don’t have a fancy office that we would have to jack up our prices to afford, nor do we sport a Madison Ave advertising budget, preferring to rely largely on word-of-mouth recommendations from existing satisfied clients.

We are seasoned professionals with years of experience who will look you in the eye and give you more for less in an economy that has everyone cutting back to basics.

But what about that strange name - Picks Pix & Web?”   We began this endeavor as PourHouse Productions (surely an even stranger name), which harkens back to an earlier time, when the originators hosted an online gathering place on CompuServe, called Patti’s Pub, the Pour House Online.   After leaving CompuServe, we translated this to a website and secured the domain name POURHOUSE.COM.   After accepting Christ into our lives, we re-purposed the concept of PourHouse from a pub into a house that God has poured His grace into.

In 2006, we created a subsidiary to PourHouse Productions, called PhotoPicks Photography & Art, which encompasses the photography side of our business, which had expanded beyond supporting website needs to areas such as weddings, portraits & more.

What about the people running the business?

Tom (’Mas) PickeringHey There!   I’m Tom, though many know me as ’Mas (short for Tomas).   I was born and raised in California (yes, I’m an import to the Midwest).   Since my freshman year of high school, I have been involved, in one capacity or another, in the wonderful world of computers.   When I started at this (during the dark ages of the late 60’s & early 70’s), computers had much less capability than today’s common laptops and filled large, climate controlled rooms.

Having done many other things as well during the decade from 1975 through 1985 (music, acting, directing, fight choreography, photography, etc.), I never strayed far from computers and finally purchased my first home computer in 1982.   Four years later, while the data processing manager for a fortune 500 company, a colleague convinced me I could probably make it on my own.   So I walked away from the corporate world and started my own computer consulting business.   Chief amongst my accomplishments there, was the design and coding of a complete accounting system for the dental supply industry.

In 1991, I met this interesting woman in an online service called Delphi.   She and I became fast friends, one thing led to another, and I found myself leaving Sonoma County, California (including my home in a forest, my reasonably successful business, and even my cat), and moving 2,100 miles to Kewanee, Illinois to join forces with her.   With the passing of Patti Gray in Decmber of 2010, I became the sole proprietor of PourHouse Productions and intend to provide the same level of service and care that our customers have grown to expect over the years!

I am happy to announce that a new chapter in my life started soon after.   I fell in love with an incredible woman and, on March 7, 2011, I married Carolyn Meuer of Davenport, Iowa.   My little kitty, Wheezy, the businesses and I moved in with her shortly after.

When the business moved to Davenport, an odd thing happened.   In Kewanee, the name PourHouse was unique, but not so in the QCA!   Just 3 miles away exists a bar with the name The Pour House.   Not that we have anything against drinking establishments, but sharing names with one was complicating our advertising efforts.   So, borrowing on the convention we used to name our photography business, and wishing to put both businesses under the umbrella of one, we came up with our new name - Picks Pix & Web.

We are still the same people offering the same services and philosophies our customers have come to know and love, with a new name with which to better stand out in our new community.   Thanks for taking the time to learn about us. d:{D

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